Second by Second Forensic Reconstruction of Beirut Explosion [Video]

More than three months after one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history rocked the city of Beirut, forensic experts turned to social media to piece together exactly where, why and what happened.

Using images and videos taken by witnesses from a variety of angles researchers were able to geolocate each piece of footage and calculate the camera’s cone of vision. 

They also pulled images from a combination of sources to accurately map the interior of the warehouse, which housed poorly stored bags of flammable ammonium nitrate and other explosive materials.

Footage of the fire and detonation are timestamped in this 3D model of the event. To learn more about the reconstruction and see the full video, click here. The massive explosion wiped out half of Beirut, killing over 200 and injuring more than 6,500.