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Biomechanical Research Institute, LLC (BRi)

BRi was established in March of 1998 by Mr. Adelino Yung, P.E.  As of January 2024, Mr. Yung stands among a select group of eight active, licensed Professional Engineers in the State of Texas with branch designations in both Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Yung also holds licensure as a Professional Engineer in both the State of California and the State of Louisiana (both in Mechanical Engineering). Moreover, he is recognized as a Board-Certified Diplomate in Forensic Engineering, achieving Senior Membership status within the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, accredited by the Council on Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards. Additionally, Mr. Yung is fully accredited as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists (ACTAR).

Mr. Yung received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan), a Master of Science degree in Bioengineering from Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas), and has completed a year of post-graduate studies at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) in the field of Biological Engineering.

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